Virtual Adjacency

Virtual Adjacency® enables Mobility.

Be where you want to be, do what you have to do.“®

(USPTO Trademark serial number 1796574  4/9/96)

“Virtual Adjacency® is the ability to perform a task as though you are there without being physically present.
It enables us to redistribute what we do, where we do it, and when we do it
through the enlightened use of computer and communication technologies.”

(USPTO Trademark serial number 74312117  10/5/93)

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Why is Virtual Adjacency important for La Plata?


I am sure you will find (Jay Hellman’s Virtual Adjacency work) very helpful
as we look ahead to economically and environmentally efficient ways to reinvent government.

— US Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD)
in a letter to Vice President Al Gore, July 1996

I write today to urge you to embrace telework as a workplace priority for both the public and private sectors to improve continuity of operations in the event that a disaster – whether natural or man-made – strikes our country. . .  Telecommuting has proven benefits, not only for continuity of operations, but also energy savings, air quality,employee productivity, and employee cost savings. In short, telework is a winner all around. As the nation’s largest employer, the federal government should be the model for telework for every level of government as well as the private sector.

— US Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA)
in a letter to President George W Bush, September 2005

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3  Book for Al Gore: Virtual Adjacency NOT Telecommuting
  — In 1996, the SEC asked the wrong question: what 1 building will accommodate everybody and everything.
In today’s world, that is the PROBLEM not the solution.
4 Examples of multi-agency federal office buildings
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   —> Finally, MAJOR PROGRESS — see Scott Rowan’s ltr to Cong. Steny Hoyer in Nov. 1991
.            (it is tab 3 on the GSA Proposal page of this website)
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—>  the USPTO story of Telework success is exciting.
7  Accenture is an excellent example of flexible, strategic, economic integration of technology and real estate
see this Wash Bsns Jnl article about their new DC office in Ballston, VA
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8  Major firms have already created significant Cloud infrastructure
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