Vision Planning

Nobody likes random hodge-podge sprawl
— the unintended consequence of inventing the automobile.

Vision Planning is the key to mitigating
the Law of Unintended Consequences.

 1  Peanuts and Place: Einstein & Mark Twain
 • to mitigate the Law of Unintended Consequences: Vision Planning is required.
 2  Jay Hellman initiates Vision Planning for La Plata, June 1998
  •  the Route 301 transportation crisis is more than just a road issue.
 2b Governor of Maryland thanks Jay Hellman for his Smart Growth work, Dec. 1999
  Jay diligently explained how this work would be the Governor’s showcase for responsible Smart Growth
 3  ULI Urban Land Institute: Telecommunities. N.J. Slabbert, May 2005
  •  Vision Planning, properly done, integrates land-use, transportation and technology change
 4  Harvard International ReviewThe Future of Urbanization. N.J. Slabbert, June 2006.

• In the age of Virtual Adjacency, the experience of place is the top priority. 
 That is why Vision Planning is so important …
That is why making the College of Southern Maryland PART OF La Plata is so important.


 Charles County’s insightful Comp Plan in 1989 innovated “Development Districts (DD.)”
This preceded the term “Smart Growth” by almost 10 years.

   • 5a Charles County Comprehensive Plan Land-Use-Sep-1989
> La Plata is 1 of 3 Devel Districts; CONNECT the College and the Town is TOP PRIORITY

  • 5b Charles County Transportation Plan 1989
— Recognizes that Route 301 CANNOT be both Local and High Speed thru road

 6  Vision Plan Greater La Plata 50-Year Conceptual Land-Use & Transportation Plan Mar 2000
 Eastern Bypass solves regional transportation problem; creates a Main Street

Without a Town Square,
properly located, designed and anchored,
La Plata will be just a collection of parts, not a coherent, alive whole.

•  America’s Most Beautiful Town Squares
 — The best way to get to know small-town America is hanging out in the square.

•  America’s Greatest Main Streets
  — We must make walking prerefable to getting into a car to do everything.

 8 Virtual Adjacency Brussels, Belgium 10:95 lecture abstract
 — Virtual Adjacency enables us to balance living & working;
and it makes the experience of place even more important.
10 JJH Comments to improve the Charles County Comprehensive Plan 2012.
•  An open letter from Jay Hellman to the Charles County Planning Commission and Commissioners, 6 January 2012.
 11  11a) THE HUB at CSM/La Plata is Smart Growth at its best: environmentally sensitive INFILL development.
• It CONNECTS important places multi-modally — walk / bike / car / circulator bus.

11a-2) Population Distribution in Southern MD and location of CSM campuses
• Pop’n is concentrated in Waldorf and La Plata. PaxRiverNAS is a distant 3rd. The three CSM campuses are properly located at the capital towns in each County. Each town has a hospital. The University of Maryland’s Charles Regional Medical Center is near the 16 building CSM campus in La Plata.

11a-2 3D) 3D So MD pop’n and CSM campuses 2j
•  only 4 of 16 community colleges in Maryland have 3 campuses. CSM’s population served is 350,000.  Montgomery is 1,000,000; Baltimore County is 817,000; Anne Arundel is 550,000. Let’s use computer and communication technology to achieve regional synergy, not spreading resources so thin as to damage all.

11b)  Scholarly support for THE HUB at CSM / La Plata

11c)  NWQ is strategic infill (CSM to St. Charles Pkwy) Google Maps (notes by jjh May’11)

 — infill development is the key to Smart Growth: mix uses, pedestrian and bike friendly

 12 •  PlanMaryland La Plata map is wrong (notes by jjh May’11)
 connecting the College CSM and La Plata in a mixed-use, pedestrian and bike friendly fashion is top priority.
 13 •  PlanMaryland Progress Report, July 2011
•  PlanMaryland Draft Executive Summary, April 2011