Book for Al Gore: Virtual Adjacency not Telecommuting

… you are the leader seeking to

1) re-invent government;
2) make the NII the Superhighway to improving America’s competitiveness, efficiency and quality of life;   and
3) achieve meaningful environmental progress.

These are not three separate things
— they are integral parts of one complex, non-linear, dynamic feedback system.”

— from Dr. Jay Hellman’s cover letter to Vice President Al Gore, (see item b below).

letters •  a Cong. Steny Hoyer, letter to VP Al Gore re Virtual Adjacency book, 25July’96
•  b Gore SEC Virtual Adjacency CvrLtr / Executive Summary fr Jay Hellman 13March’96
Cvr Pg Virtual Adjacency not Telecommuting (NII = National Information Infrastructure)
1 Virtual Adjacency 500NJ narrativewhy a small floor-plate prestigiously located downtown bldg is the HQ of the future.

► The “Virtual Office”: Buildings / Cities / Suburbs  ULI article May 1996
• The Virtual Adjacency Distributed Office Strategy
2 Virtual Consolidation vs. Physical Consolidation
• 2a Qualitative Space Zones typical large floor Feb94
• 2b floor area rent analysis: 30k sf FAT floor vs 8k sf thin floor HQ
 — 1 page spreadsheet: why pay for low quality space you don’t need or want?  Example of ideal small, narrow floor-plate downtown HQ building
•  2c1   Rendering/Photo: 800 New Jersey Avenue, NW; 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
•  2c2   floor area rent analysis 500NJ
        —  building-centric economic analysis
3 Virtual Consolidation vs. Physical Consolidationcomparative analysis
– 3a  Virtual Consolid vs Physical Consolid | Narrative
– 3b  Physical vs Virtual Consol Economic Analysis
— a Summary page and 2 pages of supporting detail
4 • The InTeleWorkNet Center , Charles County, MD
• The Charles County Community College Center for Business and Industry
5 Ltr to Larry Friend, SEC, re: Sen. Conrad Burns Glass Hwy of the Future 15mar95
–>  Chief Accountant, Div. of Investment Management, SEC, 15 Mar 95
6 • 500 New Jersey Avenue, NW (1 page brochure)
• 6b Valuation Matrix 500NJ mktg:
–>  a structured, quantitative analysis of the downtown centerpiece building in the distributed plan of virtual consolidation
7 Re-engineer the Office Building Tool Tbl of Contents
–>  Table of Contents to draft of paper
8 Table of Contents to assembly of papers re 500 New Jersey Avenue Public Private cooperation
9 letter from the Hon. Fred Schwengel, President, US. Capitol Historical Society
re: the national significance of the plan to redevelop 500 New Jersey Avenue, NW
10 bio of Jay John Hellman