GSA Proposal

We are proud of our region’s educated workforce (many are federal employees)
and invite you (GSA) to take advantage of our talents and infrastructure
to advance our nation’s programmatic needs with new models for public buildings and places of work.

— Wayne E. Clark, Executive Director, Tri-county Council for Southern Maryland,
(Jan. 2011 — see item 8 below).

► GSA Savings from Virtual Adjacency reconfiguring 1800 F HQ Building with AgilQuest systems
Washington Post page A1 16July13 GSA transforms HQ:   The federal office space of the future

          —  AgilQuest’s Smart Occupancy and Smart Building systems are key

► GSA Office related Savings:

—  AgilQuest GSA Smart Occupancy Savings w:VirtAdj slide

— AgilQuest GSA Smart Occupancy-Building Overview 20130717 jh

It’s just not going to happen

 Table of Contents GSA La Plata – background and information 
1 •  1a Cong. Steny Hoyer, letter to VP Al Gore re Virtual Adjacency book, 25July’96
•  1b Gore SEC Virtual Adjacency CvrLtr / Executive Summary fr Jay Hellman 13March’96
           > (Click here to see the enclosures to this document)
2  Cong. Frank Wolf, letter to Pres. George W. Bush re Telework Priority and Continuity of Operation. 2005
3  Scott Rowan to Cong. Steny Hoyer re Virtual Adjacency, Southern MD Regional Tech Council 1991
4  Hopkins Sr. Advisor to President, Fmr Sec. DBED Aris Melissaratos to GSA Peck 2011
5  Harvard International Review: The Future of Urbanization. N.J. Slabbert, June 2006.
6  ULI Urban Land Institute: Telecommunities. N.J. Slabbert, May 2005.
7  Sally Jameson, Maryland House of Delegates, Chair of Charles County Delegation
8  Wayne Clark, Executive Director, Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland
— letter to GSA Commissioner of Public Buildings about Virtual Adjacencyand reinventing Government
9 • 9a Peter Murphy, President of the Charles County Commissioners
— (former Member of the House of Delegates and former staff to U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes)
• 9b CC Comm Pres Kelly to GSA Peck re NJS Hellman 10jan11
• 9c Candice Kelly – Virtual Adjacency _Poster Child_ at CCC Legis Update 18mar13 rfw
–>  President of Charles County Commissioners to GSA Robert Peck about Virtual Adjacency, La Plata
10 Economic Development synergy and rationality: 
• 10a Clinch to Mayor Roy Hale re bringing CSM and La Plata together and Econ Dev Aug’11
• 10b Clinch to Mayor Bill Eckman re bringing CSM and La Plata together and Econ Dev Sep’96
–>  Richard Clinch, Ph.D., University of Baltimore, Director of Economic Development, Jacob France Center • 10c   Tom Flynn, Land Use Economist for La Plata Vision Plan, Support for THE HUB at CSM / La Plata
• 10c2  (Tom Flynn’s work on Vision Plan Team for La Plata, Md. Town Center)
–>  Tom Flynn is a land-use economist with extraordinary experience: see Projects on •  10d  ChasCtyChamber of Commerce to Mayor Hale Support Virtual Adjacency Annex 
11  Roy Hale, Mayor of La Plata
12  CCBOE Richmond to Peck about Virtual Adjacency and Public Education Preparing Students 22dec10
  –>  Superintendent of Schools James Richmond to GSA Commissioner of Public Buildings
13 • 13a CSM designated National Center of Academic Excellence — photo
  –> College of So. Maryland prepares next generation of cyber warriors
• 13b CSM NSA DHS CAE Certification CyberSecurity Training Excellence 0611
14  Bradley M. Gottfried, Ph.D., President, College of Southern Maryland ltr to GSA
15  Addleson GMU ltr to GSA Peck support J Hellman Virtual Adjacency
–>  George Mason University, Professor, MS Program Organization Development and Knowledge Management, author of Beyond Management 
16  Offstein Frostburg U ltr to GSA Peck re La Plata, Hellman Virtual Adjacency
–>  Frostburg State University, Assoc. Prof. Mgmt., author of Making Telework Work; West Point graduate, former Military Intelligence Officer
17  17a TelCoa Wilsker to Cong. Issa Merits of Telework — Mgt is Key 17nov14
–> Chuck Wilsker is President and CEO, The Telework Coalition
18  John Stark, Jobs Access Network, Managing Director (and former President) of the Telework Consortium
19 knowledgeable, experienced, accomplished citizens:
• 19a Frederick W. Schmidt, retired Gov’t worker and federal contractor, resident of Mt. Carmel Estates
• 19b Chris Ripley to Mayor Hale support Hellman La Plata CSM NWQ VirtAdj EconDev ltr
• 19c Greg Billups to Hoyer La Plata CSM NWQ VirtAdj EconDev ltr
->  Greg Billups, President & CEO, Systems, Maintenance and Technology, Inc.
20 DHS must harness virtual consolidation to serve America.
— 22 entities and more than 240,000 employees must synch 24/7 globally.
— The DHS real estate and technology strategy must use Virtual Adjacency as proposed in 20-25 below: 
•  N. J. Slabbert, Washington Post, Op Ed 2dec07: Edifice Complex — The Wrong Way to House DHS
Long-delayed headquarters for DHS in doubt, Washington Post A1 21may14
21  •  N. J. Slabbert, HS Today Magazine, Editorial: What DHS Needs: A Network not a Fortress
22  •  HSToday Editorial 31May08: DHS Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of the Loop
          –>  David Silverberg, Editor, HS Today Magazine
23  •  Remaking the DHS GMU Prof Addleson HQ strategy
          –>   Mark Addleson, Ph.D., George Mason University, Professor, MS Program
24  • Jay Hellman, Ph.D., Washington Business Journal, letter to the Editor, DHS security plan flawed
25  • Zekiah Technologies, GIS Study for Office Locations Strategy is Critical for DHS