Waste Water Treatment (WWTP) — Mt. Carmel and CSM

Waste Water Treatment Plants Replacement
– Mt.Carmel Woods, and
– the College of Southern Maryland
by the Charles County government  ——>  a better solution proposed by Jay Hellman:

 Table of Contents for WWTP letters and documents
 1  A better solution: letter from Jay Hellman to John Stevens, PE.  7 March 2007.
 2 Dump Road can no longer be ignored, given County is connecting to Mattawoman (4 Apr 07)
 3 County Plan: Two pumps, two force mains
 4  Improved Plan: 1 pump, 1 force main; gravity NWQ
 5  Minor cost increase for major benefits
 6  JJH letter to Planning Commiss Port Tobacco WRS (5 Mar 07)
 7  JJH letter to County Commissioners Water & Sewer Plan (14 Sep 06)
 8  •  Ltr from resident Francis Cooper to Pres. of Charles County Commis. re Dump Road Community Problems

 9 • A 4 photos — Bivins Place (formerly Dump Road) and Starview Place
• B 4 photos — Bivins Place (formerly Dump Road) and Starview Place
• C aerial photo
 10 • Port Tobacco Conservancy Water Tests 2006
 11 • Mt. Carmel Estates needs gravity sewer “insurance”
  – ltr from Farewell Court homeowner Fred Schmidt to County Commissioners 3 Apr 07
 12  Charles County Comprehensive Plan: 1989 Development District
 13  Town of La Plata to County 1992: Natural boundary is Jenny’s Run
 14 • Vision Plan Greater La Plata 10mar’00 Cover Pg, Participants, Tbl of Contents
 15 • Vision Plan Downtown La Plata 15mar01 Cover pg, ii-iii
 16 • 16a) Reality Check Plus-Vision MD Cover
• 16b) Reality Check Plus – Vision MD -pg 6,7
• 16c) Reality Check Plus – Vision MD map LEGO chip stacks
 17  Peanuts / Place / Einstein & Mark Twain
  — Sprawl; Vision Planning; Law of Unintended Consequences 
 18  ULI Urban Institute article Telecommunities (May 2005)
 19  DBED initiates sponsorship of book on Telecommunities
 20  CSM Pres. Elaine Ryan to DHS Regional Director Lockwood 3jan05
 – letter explaining how the College would bring DHS workforce to peak performance
 21  Cong. Steny Hoyer to VP Al Gore: Virtual Adjacency public benefits
 22  Harvard International Review: Future of Urbanization and Teletechnology
 23  Trend Summary / The Hellman Transform: Technology & Real Estate
 24  AOBA Apt & Office Bldge Assoc DC Newsletter, August 1982. Interview with Jay John Hellman
 25  DHS Dept of Homeland Security Regional La Plata office: Strategy