La Plata


Randy Evans [Sec. MD Dep’t of Employment and Economic Development M-DEED] met with Dr. Jay Hellman 16 Nov 1988 in Annapolis to discuss the relationship between computer and communication technology and office buildings and patterns of land use. … The discussion with Randy was pointed towards a demo project that would implement Virtual Adjacency thereby offering a needed solution to several major public policy problems (see tab 1a below)”

— Memorandum from Jay Hellman to Bell Atlantic execs [now Verizon];
to OCC Optical Communications Corp. and to Central Data Processing, (see item 8 below).

► Towns — well designed and multi-faceted — are becoming increasingly important
FORTUNE magazine 22 July 13 the END of the SUBURBS:

 1 • 1a  Public Benefits exhibit for MD DEED Sec Randy Evans 16nov88
–  Public Benefits from a Virtual Adjacency demo project in La Plata, MD 15nov88
• 1b  The Real World is a Dynamic, Interdependent System
 – you can’t do “just one thing,” everything is inter-connected (rev. Oct. 1991) 
 2 •  2a) ChC RswkRd Context; plan mixed-uses Infill Project
•  2b) Ideal Gateway to La Plata diagram 29Jun89
 3 •  3a) Plan Commis, La Plata JJH present RQA MXD at mtg 5July89
 4 •  Eckman, Mayor fr JJH re AT&T fiber and Govt reloc 10oct89
 5 •  Neil Pedersen MDOT fr JJH re Rosewick Rd Complete, Virt Adj and Rte 301 22nov89
 6 •  Randy Evans, Sec MDEED fr JJH re Rosewick Rd Virt Adj 29nov89
 7 •  Eckman, Mayor fr JJH re Community Character Annapolis, Old Town, Easton 18mar90
 8 •  8a) Magness, Dir of Planning fr JJH re Comp Rezone 10Jun91
•  8b) Magoon, Ch Cnty Sr. Planner ltr fr JJH re Comp Rezone Euclidean Zones 28dec90
 9 •  Town to County re Comp Plan Mapping Rules and Development District NWQ 6May1992
La Plata Planning Commission Chair Ray Becmer to President of County Commissioners Mac Middleton
 10 •  Planning Commission La Plata, JJH Agenda Hawthorne Rosewick Project 3Nov92
 11 •  Why Vision Planning is Needed: Demo project La Plata Rte301 Jun98

 The big-picture long-term answer:
•   Vision Plan Greater La Plata 50-Year Conceptual Land-Use & Transportation Plan Mar 2000

  —  an Eastern Bypass “a Parkway through the woods” solves the regional transportation problem
and enables the creation of a 
Main Street through the middle of town linking College and Town

 12 •  Key New Downtown Vision Plan slides:
– 12b) Downtown Urban Design Plan with CSM (pg 7 15mar01)
– 12c) Plan for Future Downtown La Plata (pg 8 15mar01)
– 12d) Axonometric Downtown Plan (pg 9 15mar01)

 •  12e) Town Centre aerial photo La Plata 17dec10
 13 •  Bring La Plata’s Vision Plan Alive NOW: to Mayor Hale, Pres. Kelly, Sec. Hall
– ltr from ULI’s Senior Fellow for Sustainable Development Ed McMahon 17jun13
 14 • 14a)  Bring College and Town Together – ltr to CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried
– ltr from Vision Plan Team organizer, Alan Feinberg, RA, AICP 8Feb14: Creating a vibrant, lively place!

•  14b) HUB offers 15ac for CSM UMD Health InfoTech bldg 2jun15
– enable the largest community college campus with 4 related buildings to walk/bike connect with the Town of La Plata’s U of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center