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Economic development is really the result of creating a city where people want to live.

— Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City mayor

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»MSNBC interview with Richard Florida, author of The Boom Towns and Ghost Towns of the New Economy

The College of Southern Maryland has its largest campus just outside of La Plata, Maryland. As such, we have partnered with the town on several endeavors. Most exciting are the new projects being envisioned that will bring our two entities together in the spirit of a Richard Florida place for the ‘Creative Class.’

— Bradley M. Gottfried, Ph.D., President,
College of Southern Maryland, 2011

La Plata is not only the
center-piece of Charles County,
it is the
center-piece of Southern Maryland”

The red stars
are the major
military bases / facilities
that surround La Plata.

La Plata’s North-West Quadrant offers two critical transportation opportunities to connect the College and the Town:

1. Complete the road network:
Rosewick Road from
Rte 301 to Rte 225
(red dashed line)

2. Create a Bike-Pedestrian path
connecting the
College and Town
(green dashed line)

Change commuting patterns:
•  Reduce VMT,
•  Improve the Environment.

Virtual Adjacency enables us to use broadband communications networks to bring work to people instead of having to use roads to bring people to work.

Fiber optic networks deliver the bandwidth to make video conversation ubiquitous, affordable and secure.

Four fiber optic networks run through La Plata.  They are not yet being used to their potential.


The College of Southern Maryland is a public community college that is strongly interested in the regional development and well-being of Maryland, its neighbor states, and the Greater Washington DC metropolitan area.”

—   Dr. Elain Ryan, President,
College of Southern Maryland, 2005

Infill development
is the very heart of
Smart Growth.

Leonardo da Vinci
did not paint
the Mona Lisa
using a roller.

Government’s job
is to facilitate
and encourage
Smart Growth.

This development will be the model for the state, region, country.

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 The proposed development of the Northwest Quadrant continues to be consistent with both national real estate and state and local economic conditions. The College of Southern Maryland is one of the most significant economic development assets in the county, and the opportunity to bring the College and the Town of La Plata together in a mixed-use, pedestrian and bicycle friendly fashion, taking advantage of the four fiber optic networks that run through La Plata along Route 301 is a profoundly smart strategy.

—  Richard Clinch, Ph.D., Director of Economic Research, The Jacob France Center, Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore, in letter to La Plata Mayor Roy Hale, August 18, 2011.

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La Plata is poised to be the ideal “Petri dish” to serve as a regional and national model

I am particularly excited by the work Dr. Hellman has been doing with his real estate partners to make the concept of virtual adjacency a reality. Having identified La Plata, Maryland as a good location for this purpose in 1986, they have purchased enough land in the right location (between the College of Southern Maryland and the Town of La Plata, at the intersection of the major roads, with four fiber-optic networks on site) to bring the vision to fruition. And, Dr. Hellman patiently guided them to complete a comprehensive Vision Planning exercise to manage growth over the next century.

—  Mark Addleson, Ph.D., George Mason University, MS Program Organization Development and Knowledge Management, in a letter written to Robert Peck, Commissioner of Public Buildings, GSA, 28 Dec 2010.

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What People Are Saying

Dr. Hellman is a visionary in creative concepts. He has had the forethought to realize the impact of computer technology on physical sun covers protectionфитнес трекер jawbone up 3 купитькакой самый лучший ноутбуктеплица в кредиткредит центр инвест калькуляторхоум кредит бесплатный телефон

– Candice Quinn Kelly, President, County Commissioners of Charles County, Maryland

Dr. Hellman has long said that we should be using fiberoptic networks to bring work to people instead of using roads to bring people to work.
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– Bradley M Gottfried, PhD, President, College of Southern Maryland

Properly conceived and implemented, Dr. Hellman’s notion of “virtual adjacency” enables us to break both the organizational silos – so people can work together effectively at a distance – and overcome a log-jam of social and environmental problems that have to do with being poorly organized.
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– Mark Addleson, PhD, George Mason University